In the past 15 years, I’ve had the privilege of writing about many topics across a wide span of industries, including advertising, education, entertainment, fashion, marketing, music, pet care and technology, among others. I’ve been able to originate or capture a variety of styles, tones and voices for newspapers, magazines, digital outlets and public relations agencies. I’ve also been able to work as both a journalist and PR writer, which has gifted me with a unique skill set: I understand the mind of an editor and that of a PR account executive. I know, for example, that when crunch time hits, the editor truly appreciates a press release with a strong hook and captivating, error-free writing. Conversely, I know that the PR company that sends that release wants the peace of mind of knowing that the writer of that deliverable took the time to comprehend and get the messaging right about the client product or service. Check out some of my past journalism and PR/corporate writing to see what I mean…


Excerpt from:  Assistive Technologies for Common Core

“Special needs students generally receive assistance through either accommodations or modifications. An accommodation is a tool or technique that reduces the impact of a student’s disability in order to allow him or her to achieve proficiency in the subject matter. A student with dyslexia, for example, might be able to use a device that allows him to dictate a report into a Word document.”

Excerpt from:  The Sounds of Breaking Bad

“It begins with the twang of a guitar, followed by what sounds like a wooden instrument tapping on a hollow base, then finishes with what seems to be a rattlesnake shaking its tail. It gives the impression of the desert at night, with unseen creatures lurking just underfoot. The guitar sound comes from a resonator guitar, which has an entirely metal body, while the tapping is actually the counter melody to the show’s theme, which Porter created using samples of a variety of metal cans and car parts, recording them as he struck them with mallets.”

PR & Corporate

Excerpt from:  Creative Group and Mantra Design Deliver the Message for Fuse’s Jay-Z 9/11 Special

“Creative Group is a leading, fullservice post production facility specializing in nonlinear, linear and HD editing compositing, visual effects, color correction, digital intermediates, DVD duplication and sound design/5.1 audio post mixing for the broadcast, film and DVD markets. The New York City-based Creative Group first opened its doors in 1993 with an imaginative and award-winning team of artists. The company has since expanded its industry presence to include Mantra, its Manhattan-based design and visual effects boutique, as well as its Bristol, CT location.”

 Excerpt from:  Wearables: It’s Time for a Return to the Secret Advantage

“Miniaturization should help wearables evolve from conspicuous devices to concealable technology.
People will one day easily augment everyday items and even themselves, and in turn, create user-generated products. Awkward heads‐up display units might later be realized as smart contact lenses, while connected bracelets move to subcutaneous machines or ingestible sim cards. The “secret advantage” will become the requirement.”