Writing. Editing. Content Strategy.

Image of Sarah Stanfield writingI specialize in content that enhances the image and visibility of people, products and services. Whether it’s a press release, a thought-leadership article, a blog entry or an internal corporate deliverable, the copy you or your organization generates is what the world sees. It is a reflection of you, and can either work in your favor…or not do you any favors. Great writing isn’t just a matter of correct grammar and spelling, or even a clever turn of phrase. It truly works for you—getting you, your company, your product or your service noticed by the right audience.

You may not have the time or inclination to craft this level of copy. This is where I can help you.

Some of my services:

  •  Targeted, on-message public relations and marketing deliverables, including case studies, press  releases, executive bios and ghost-written bylined articles, among others.
  •  Thoroughly researched, expertly sourced feature articles and shorter pieces.
  • Blog, social media and website copy.
  • Content strategizing and consulting.
  • Top-shelf copyediting and proofreading.
  • Guidance on writing, grammar, spelling and style.
  • How else can I help?

Writing is my life’s work, and I work hard to do it well. I will work hard for you, too—in your voice, using your style, and employing your messaging. I’m no diva: This isn’t my writing, it’s yours—as my client, you own it, and I’m here to make it the best possible reflection of you and your company.

My bona fides: I have 15 years of experience writing and editing feature articles, e-newsletters, marketing copy, press releases, case studies, executive summaries and bios, and website content for public relations agencies, publications and individuals. I’ve handled all aspects of the editorial production process, including story development, assignment to freelance and staff writers, fact checking and revisions. I also have excellent copyediting and proofreading skills. Can I help you? More than likely. Let’s get going on some great copy.