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An excerpt from my book “Thoughtful Preparation”

What to do…
For a Vacation at Home

If Hawaii or Europe is not in the budget, you can still have fun with a vacation at home.
▶ Get errands out of the way.
Before the vacation, clean the house, buy food, pay bills, etc.—and then put chores out of your mind.
▶ Shut out the world.
Turn off the cell phone and beeper. Don’t check your email. Hide your planner. You’re on vacation!
▶ Choose a theme.
You might want to decorate your home accordingly.
▶ Dress comfortably.
Wear the clothes you would wear on vacation.
▶ Be a tourist in your own town.
Pretend you are visiting your town for the first time. Take in the sights, culture, and history. Eat out a lot.
▶ Do something new with your vacation companion or alone.
Learn how to knit. Teach your vacation companion some French. Cook a gourmet meal.
▶ Follow a dream.
Do something you’ve always wanted to do: write a short story, trace your family tree, read a bestseller, draw, paint, dance.
▶ Buy yourself a souvenir.
You’ll want something to remind you of your wonderful vacation.

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